About SideBern's

The popularity of the Harry Waugh Dessert Room at Bern's Steak House led David Laxer to open SideBern's. Once it became apparent  that Bern's was unable to accommodate all of the dining room guests who wanted to retire to the dessert room, SideBern's initially served only desserts and after dinner drinks. Soon following, Bern's Fine Wine & Spirits package store opened next door as a way to promote the Bern's Family of Legends wine collection and dessert offerings.

SideBern's grew quickly, and before long guests began to ask for dishes other than desserts. The expanded menu was then introduced, including some light sandwiches and hors d'oeuvres. David then felt as though the modern vibe of SideBern's lent itself to more modern cuisine, therefore the "New American Cuisine" concept was created and SideBern's became a full-fledged dinner restaurant. 

With the addition of Executive Chef Chad Johnson in 2008, SideBern's elevated its offerings to our current selection of North American favorites served with Mediterranean and French influence. Chad has been named a James Beard Foundation semi-finalist for Best Chef: South, as well as Creative Loafing's Best Chef in the Bay.